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Your website for just 250 Euros!


The explanation is simple. We all know that this days, is not easy to get money or to have a budget for website development. Because the financial crisis still strikes us all, without discrimination. Therefore our team, wishing to be closer to our customers and helping them, puts up this short deal. For our customers who do not have a huge budget for online promotions or website, we provide this offer : website for just 150 Euros. The website will include:

– company identity, logo, informations, design
– Custom design, folded on business activity and the colors requested by the client
– Comprehensive information about the activity of the company or person
– 3 to 5 pages (index, about, contact page)
– Contact form, location map, contact information


Three websites for the price of two!

Three for the price of two

Ecs Designs team, offers to our clients who want to build a website, a great deal. Three for the price of two! How about that?!
If you have several ongoing projects and/or you want to get more online activities for your business, we are here for you. What is this about? Simple as this:

Example: If you are an entrepreneur and you want to develop three websites​​. One for your company, one for you, and a presentation for another company, or another product. If you contact our team, we’ll take the money only for the first two websites/projects. And the development for the third one, is for free. Simple and efficient. For both sides. Of course, the example is not very eloquent, but we’re sure you’ve figured out. All you have to do now, is to contact us. Because good things happen when we understand each other.


Free web consulting!

Free consulting

The worst thing that can happen in this business, is not to be informed. In our history of activities, we almost daily meet clients who have made ​​some mistakes when they built their websites or when they have optimize them. Or even worse, when they paid for them.

That is why, we support our clients, and potential clients with the full package of knowledge we have in our field of activity. If you have any questions about what steps you should take to build up your website, contact us. If you have any questions regarding websites, contact us. If you want any kind of information, our team is at your disposal via a single email.

Before you start your online business, before you build your website, inform yourself! Do not make mistakes you cannot fix, or they prove to be too expensive to fix! Inform yourself. Knowledge is power! It doesn’t cost anything. Our experts are at your disposal. For free!