Ecommerce SEO Tips for Higher Ranking

e-commerceOver 40% of online searches start with a shopper doing a brief Google search. Simply, this should tell you that you need to do all you can to improve the performance of your ecommerce store. The SEO landscape comes with a bunch of goodies for ecommerce store owners. However, it’s a tricky minified. A few terminologies here and some optimization jargon can leave you feeling lost. What’s more, the algorithms are always changing. You need to work with actionable tips that will help you and your store to rank high with the best rank tracker.
Some SEO tactics are easy for a business owner to implement without having to hire a SEO expert. With the right steps, you can leverage basic SEO elements without the need to splash a huge budget or needing top range tech knowledge. As an ecommerce store owner, you can’t possibly manage to implement these strategies in one go. You can launch your endeavour using your favourite product page to boast huge traffic. The more you optimise your store, the easier it will be for Google to suggest your store to your prospects.



The Future of Social Media

Social mediaEnvy, that’s what a lot of you feel when you look at brands and influencers who generate huge amounts of traffic and sales from social media. Don’t worry, I get it too. Now a lot of these people are either: extremely talented, have a lot of money for ads, or have grinded their way to the top of the newsfeed.
And I have the utmost respect for the vast majority of them. But saying that, there is another reason why these people/brands reached the summit of their game. It’s because they got there first.
Speed is the most valuable asset to have in this game and striking fast and hard is ideally the way to go about things. Over the past year a lot of people have asked me what the next big social platform is going to be. Here are 7 of my predictions in regards to the future of social media.



To Remember When Writing Content

ContentContent writing for websites is an artform on its own. Badly crafted writing will not get you many hits when people search for the topic you’ve written about. It takes a lot of time to write a good web article. You must not only write knowledgeably about the content, but you should do so in a way that offers you potential rewards for your efforts. If your writing doesn’t reap you benefits such as more traffic on your website, it won’t be worth the effort. What are some of the golden rules for writing good content?
1. Punchy headlines
When you’re writing content for a website, your headline is very important. In today’s world of swiping left when you’re not interested, a bad headline can lose you readers. When a person enters a topic on a search engine, they are given multiple options to read from. If your headline is not attractive to them, they won’t bother to go to the article. They’ll skip it and look for a headline that does appeal to them.



4 Easy Steps for a Profitable SEO

SEOWe all know that great content posted regularly is the cornerstone of any SEO strategy. But here’s the thing: it’s not enough to post random articles on random topics using random keywords. This is not a strategy. This is just something to keep you busy. Do you really need to clutter your schedule with something that may bring zero results? I didn’t think so.
If you recognize yourself in the description above, keep reading. I’ll tell you all about the SEO content strategy we use to get clients for Idunn, my digital marketing agency, and to help our customers.
4 steps to an SEO content strategy that brings profit
When I first started Idunn, I also started blogging. The first few months passed and I had no results from my efforts. Poor rankings and very few views of each piece I published.



Do Online Reviews Impact Local SEO?!

Online ratingAs a businessperson or an entrepreneur, you establish yourself a reputation for your business which is a priceless and a vital asset. What your customers or people say about you and your business matters the most, especially when they are saying it online.
Hence, it is important to pay attention to the feedback given by customers. Monitoring online reviews can help to improve your services. Though it may appear that online reviews are a very small part of your online presence, many shoppers rely on website reviews while shopping online.
Customers buying decisions get influenced a lot by reading online reviews in this digital age.
Thus, online reviews are crucial for a plethora of reasons and have major consequences due to their ability to affect: