About us

About us

We could write here, a lot of things that do not necessarily interest you. Instead of doing that and because you are interested in us, we leave here, for you, a brief description of our team.


• We are a team of young people, web experts.

• We develop websites and we work in the online environment.

• We work with clients from any field of activity.

• We have over 15 years of experience in web development.

• We do not refuse projects and we help everyone.

• We work and always act as professionals.

• We treat all our projects with utmost seriousness.

• We use a lot of imagination, but also the latest web technology.

• We always liked to build websites. Even yours.

We do not refuse projects, regardless of their size.

• Because we know how important a website is, for any kind of business, discussions on potential projects will always start with an YES. We create websites for small companies but also for large business or personal business.

We stand by all our clients and we offer support in all online activities.

• Many of our clients do not know or have the slightest clue, about what the online domain is. And here is where we intervene. We support and offer support to all our customers. Proof of that, are our clients, whom we work with from over 10 years.

We are always open to discussions and negotiations.

• There are cases, where our clients dictate how we must do their website. But there are cases, in which our clients give us a freehand for creation. None of these options are bad. Because we are always open to discussions, suggestions and we always accept any kind of indication. Even from our clients.


• We work with clients worldwide: Ireland, England, Norway, Dubai (UAE), Italy, SUA, et cetera.


100% Support

• We are that kind of team who you can contact at any time of day, on any day, with any problems you have with your site or your online activities.

• You do not believe us? Nor should you! Contact our team now!

• Email our team, if you need an online expert. We can provide the right answers. For any of your online problems or curiosities.

We create websites

About usOur branch of activities, is stretching in several directions. But, short and concise, we can declare that our services are mostly in the industry of web development.


We build websites, online stores, blogs, we develop CMS platforms, news websites, ads websites, platforms and presentation sites.


We can also ad to our list of services, web graphics or creation of layouts (website designs), visual elements development for websites (banners, logos, pictures) and written content creation. If you don’t have any presentation text for your website, pictures or content, don’t worry, we got this! We are here to help you.